reu-b- and reu-g-

reu-b- and reu-g-
    reu-b- and reu-g-
    English meaning: to vomit, retch
    Deutsche Übersetzung: ‘sich erbrechen, rũlpsen, hervorbrechen”, also “Wolke, Rauch”?
    Material: 1. reub-: O.Ice. rjūpa f. ‘schneehuhn”, Nor. rjupa, rype (compare Ltv. rubenis “Birkhuhn”?); ablaut. O.Ice. ropa “aufstoßen”, rypta ‘sich erbrechen”, O.H.G. roffezzen “aufstoßen” (*rupatjan), M.H.G. rofzen, Ger. reshaped to rũlzen, rũlpsen. maybe Alb. rjep, ropa (aor.) “ skin (an animal by blowing the air inside the skin)” similar to O.H.G. roffezzen “push open, belch” 2. reug-: Pers. ü-rōɣ “das Rũlpsen”; Arm. orcam “erbreche mich, burp” (from *orucam, ois Vorschlagsvokal); Gk. ἐρεύγομαι ‘speie from, erbreche mich”, ἐρυγγάνω “ burp”, ἐρυγή “Aufstoßen”; Lat. ērūgō, -ere “ausrũlpsen”, ructō, -üre “rũlpsen, ausspeien”; O.E. rocettan “rũlpsen”, edroc “das Wiederkäuen”, O.H.G. it-ruchen, M.H.G. iterũcken “wiederkauen”, iteroche f. “gullet from ruminants”, Mod.Ice. jōrtr n. “das Wiederkäuen” (about *ī-urtr from *ið-ruhtr-); O.Ice. jōrtra “wiederkäuen”; Lith. rjáugmi (riáugėju), raugiù, rúgiu “ burp, have saures Aufstoßen”, O.C.S. rygajǫ sę “ burp”, Lith. rúgstu, rúgti “ sour become, ferment, seethe”, ìšrūgos “wheys”, rūgȳ s ‘sauertöpfischer person”, rúgžtas ‘sour”, ráugas ‘sourdough”, Ltv. atraugas f. pl. “Aufstoßen”, atraugties “aufstoßen”, raudzēt ‘säuern”, rūkts “bitter, herb”, O.Pruss. ructan dadan ‘sour milk”, raugus “rennet”; as *reu-smen “Wiederkäuen; gullet “ (see 873) auf the Lautgebärde *reu- being based on; under a Withtelbed. “hervorbrechen”, or “exhalüre” reiht man (yet very doubtful) an: O.Ice. rjūka ‘smoke, whisk, hurry”, O.E. rēocan ‘smoke, steam, stink”, M.L.G. rēken, rūken ‘smell”, O.H.G. rouhhan ‘smoke, steam, smell”, O.H.G. rouh, O.S. rōk, O.E. rēc, O.Ice. reykr m. ‘smoke”, M.H.G. ruch, M.L.G. röke m. ‘smell, odor”, Ice. Nor. rok n. ‘scatter, sprinkle, drive, impel, drift, propel, push, thrust, storm”; if Alb. rē “cloud” from *rougi- originated is, as Ger. Rauch, is ein previously Proto-IE *reug- “cloud, smoke” voraussetzbar.
    Note: Wrong etymology since Alb. rē “cloud” = Rom. roi ‘swarm, hive, cluster, cloud”, a loanword from: Proto-Slavic form: rojь
    See also: rějati; rěkà; rinǫti Russian: roj ‘swarm” [m jo] Polish: rój ‘swarm” [m jo], roju [Gens] Serbo-Croatian: rōj ‘swarm” [m jo] Slovene: ròj ‘swarm” [m jo] see Root er-3 : or- : r- : to move
    References: WP. II 357, Wissmann nom. Postverb. 128 f., Trautmann 244.

Proto-Indo-European etymological dictionary. 2015.

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